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Villa & Zapata sprang up like maize shoots to take the city & now we speak to the future using past materials, using a key for a door yet to be built. Only … Continue reading

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Two Stanzas

Download all assets for this release press down on the quarter & it splits layered cupronickel parts of the Johnson sandwich. Shelley’s skylark shot into my brain and out mine … Continue reading

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Ithaca published by Dow House Press

Really pleased to read at the launch of Ithaca within the charmingly unpredictable fabric of Dow House (16thC) itself last weekend in Little Walsingham. The pamphlet looks fabulous, which has … Continue reading

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LOOP: Leg 7, Kingston to Hatton Cross (Heathrow)

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A grand affair

Three pamphlets are to be launched in the shrine-town of Little Walsingham, published by ‘a domestic press’, Dow House. It promises to be A GRAND AFFAIR, & all are welcome, … Continue reading

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Plagiarism exercise

Care is critical when my open heart hires & fires a hierarchy of roles. Sick calls in emergency situations. Resource discharges nurses to hierarchy of severity covering care givers & … Continue reading

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LOOP: Banstead Downs to Kingston-on-Thames

Photography by Edmund Hardy.

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