Las Olas del Mar traducción / The Waves of the Sea translation

This is a translation of a Son Jarocho tune by the contemporary Mexican Son band Son de Madera. Son Jarocho is a traditional style from the state of Veracruz. It’s a pretty loose translation semantically in places, as I wanted to try to render it in the phrasal idioms of English folk music while also retaining the original rhyme scheme. Also the penultimate line has a verb that is very difficult to hear, and no text of the lyrics seems to know what it’s meant to be (‘desvestir’, which people reckon it might be, could refer to the metaphorical baring of the soul, but in grammatical context still doesn’t make too much sense  – suggestions please!), so I have approximated something that seems reasonable & not too noticeable. 


Aunque yo por ti esté triste / no me matará al coraje // Although this sorrow is for you / my courage it will not kill (x2)

Olvido que ya no me aflije / yo proseguiré mi viaje // I’ll forget the harm you do me / my journey will go on (x2)

Al igual que el arrecife / no me rendirá tu oleaje // By your waves I won’t be covered / like the reef I’ll be standing still (x2)


Soy preso de este apostento / soló por quererte amar // I’m held prisoner in this room / only by my love for you (x2)


Oigo las olas del mar / que no cesan ni un momento // I hear the waves of the sea / and not for a second do they cease (x2)


Ni el tiempo ni la distancia / ni la ausencia de no verte // Neither for the absence long / nor the distance from you (x2)

Por ninguna circunstancia / yo he dejado de quererte // For no such reason / have I ceased to love you (x2)

A + B


Lo dulce de tu mirar / era como un mar en calma // The sweetness of your face / was like a sea asleep (x2)

El perfume que tu exhalas / me invitaba a navegar // The sweet smell you exude / tempted me to sail (x2)

Para hacerme naufragar / en el fondo de tu alma // Only for to wreck myself / in your soul’s deep (x2)

A + B


Un cuerpo se aleja triste / rumbo a las olas del mar // In the sad sea’s ways and waves / a body drifts along (x2)

Un pescador lo desviste(?)  / Otro lo mira pasar // A fisherman sees it (sic) / another watches it pass (x2)

El horizonte no existe / ese ya es otro cantar / ese ya es otro cantar…. // And the horizon’s already gone / but that’s another song / but that’s another song…(x2)

B X mucho! 


  1. Hey Dan, Diego here (Geronimo’s friend).
    Great job on this translation.
    That verse definitely sounds like “desviste”, which I would understand in a very non poetic sense to mean undress…

  2. Hey Dan, Diego here (Geronimo’s friend).
    Great job on this translation.
    That verse definitely sounds like “desviste” which I understand to mean undress, but still doesn’t make much sense…

    1. Cheers Diego, glad you liked it, it was fun to do. I vaguely wonder what it would sound like if played and sung like an English folk ballad, but sadly I don’t have any of the talents necessary to find out.

      It does sound like ‘desviste’ doesn’t it, but I really can’t work out why it would be. Some kind of strange metaphor?

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