A memory of a day in NY, found in an old notebook

559786_10100464202801029_306482715_nBought coffee from a man from Oaxaca off Central Park, walked there and drank it. Sun + clouds; made fun of by a gang of Dominican teenagers. Walked to Greenwich Village/Soho, McNally’s bookshop. Managed not to buy poetry pamphlets. Coffee + Bolaño. In Central Park were red & grey little birds that looked like cockatoos — very tame. Food: hotdog, slice of pizza. When in Rome. Will meet Lorena and Adam later in GV. Bookshop employees giving each other massages in quiet moments. Man on the subway: “people who need God are afraid of life!” Signage: EXCESSIVE NOISE PROHIBITED. PLEASE CURB YOUR DOG. Man on Broadway, around 175st: “If hip hop is dead, what am I doing?”

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