Street Scripture: Madrid, London, Barcelona, Sheffield, Granada

CZVCgFEWkAYs7UpCZVChHSWkAEAn6lCZvAuXDWcAAuXGw.jpgCZVDD9dWkAEeHE0.jpg2012-12-19 15.01.162012-04-03 12.51.522012-12-17 15.49.412012-12-20 11.40.23CY6viDlWMAQKc6dCY6sI2PWMAAj0jzCY6vkNNWYAAcwBDCY6sLDlWsAEjlu7CY6vgxoWMAAhVN0CY6vjJSWcAEavI5

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