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Book chapter, ‘Commoning nostalgia: making “Romantic sensibility sustainable” in contemporary poetry’, in Futures Worth Preserving: Cultural Constructions of Nostalgia and Sustainability


On, in order of appearance: Peter Larkin & R. F. Langley; Anne-Lise Francois; J. H. Prynne, Peter Riley & The English Intelligencer; Sean Bonney & Stephen Collis; and Lisa Robertson. Let me know if you’d like a PDF.

Futures Worth Preserving: Cultural Constructions of Nostalgia and Sustainability, ed. by Andressa Schröder, Nico Völker, and Robert A. Winklers (Norman, OK: Transcript Press, 2019).

Book blurb: How can the paradoxical conceptual overlap of nostalgia and sustainability in cultural constructions of the present be used in order to make previously unexplored territory within the study of culture accessible? This collection of essays and artistic contributions aims at answering this and other questions. It problematizes the relationship between past-oriented practices of sustaining and future-oriented forms of remembering. The present becomes the moment in which both notions overlap: Cultures have to position themselves, both in relation to what they have once been and to what they aspire to become.




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