Alonso Quesada translations from Scattered Ways in Poetry Wales & Wretched Strangers

Some extracts from my ongoing translation project, the Canarian poet Alonso Quesada’s modernist long poem Scattered Ways [Los Caminos Dispersos, written in the early 1920s but not published until 1944], have been published in the latest Poetry Wales, along with a translator’s note that serves as an intro to Quesada & his work. Read them here: Quesada translations Poetry Wales. An earlier version of one of the sections, featuring the poet’s friend reincarnated as a talking ass who bears playful resemblance to the eponymous hero of the Spanish children’s classic, Platero y yo, was included in the wonderful no borders/citizens of nowhere anthology Wretched Strangers: borders movement homes, edited by Ágnes Lehóczky & J. T. Welsh and published very beautifully by Boiler House Press. The work goes on, but a pamphlet of the first thirty or so pages of this poem is coming out soon with Free Poetry editions, a chapbook series run out of the creative writing MFA at Boise State, Idaho, thanks to Martin Corless-Smith. Look out for that; it’s free, in all the senses.

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