Report on ‘Poetics in Commons’ by Helen Angell in Journal of British & Irish Innovative Poetry!

Spontaneous outdoor reading of ‘Scammer’ by Dom Hale on the roof above the HRI: lots of friendly faces here. This image sums up two days of warmth, generosity, haphazard unprofessionalism, party rings, institutional critique, NO networking.

Somehow I never posted this when it came out: many thanks to Helen Angell for writing up ‘Poetics in Commons: Symposium & Performances’, which I co-organised with Sarah Bernstein at Sheffield in May 2019 (Link to the programme here: PoeticsinCommonsFINAL). Read Helen’s generous report here:

Angell H. (2019) “’the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody’: Poetics and Performances at the ‘Poetics in Commons’ symposium, University of Sheffield, 22nd to 23rd May 2019”, Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. 11(1). doi:

Here’s the first para: ‘Poetics in Commons’ was a two-day symposium with performances, boldly curated by Daniel Eltringham and Sarah Bernstein. Taking the word ‘poetics’ in its broadest sense, the intention was to explore ‘the potential of literature and art to create and reinvent shared spaces, ways of being, and social and ecological cooperation’. In doing so, the symposium ventured beyond the written and spoken text into visual and performance art, even exploring the spaces in which the symposium was held….





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