R/S Res. & Searching for Jossie

Below are links to both pieces of work from my ASLE 2017 project in collaboration with the artist David Barker Walker, along with a gallery of all the slates David produced for the exhibition part of the work, which was shown at In the Open (Sheffield Institute of Arts), curated by Judith Tucker. Do get in touch if you can’t get access.

David passed away in August 2019. During our brief friendship David was endlessly generous to me, always happy to open his studio – in reality a small museum full of prehistoric life, minerals and rocks, glassware, ceramics and other artefacts of deep time – to anyone who showed an interest. He was kind in a gruff Yorkshire way. Our collaboration went over the Pennine landscapes of his childhood, and the work was for him a personal as well as an artistic excavation into the layers of landscape. I think it was his last sustained project. He did not see the article we co-authored together published, but it is dedicated to him, as was that issue of Green Letters.

2019.‘Searching for Jossie: surface and substratum in the layered landscape of Langsett and Midhope’, Green Letters: Studies in Ecocriticism, ‘Cross Multi Inter Trans’, ASLE-UKI 2017 Conference special issue, ed. by Harriet Tarlo and Judith Tucker.

2019.‘R/S Res. and Searching for Jossie’, Ecozona: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment, ‘Towards an Ecopoetics of Randomness and Design’ special issue, ed. by Franca Anik Bellarsi and Judith Rauscher.

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