Scattered Ways: Alonso Quesada translations chapbook (Free Poetry, Boise State, Idaho)

A pamphlet of my translations of the Canarian modernist poet Alonso Quesada’s long poem Scattered Ways [Los Caminos Dispersos, written in the early 1920s but not published until 1944], came out last August on Free Poetry, a chapbook series attached to the creative writing programme at Boise State, Idaho. My thanks to editor Martin Corless-Smith and the students who worked on the layout. I’ve also included a translator’s note that serves as an intro to the ‘insular’ Quesada & his work. It’s free, in all the senses. If you want a physical one you can get it from me, if we ever meet again. Otherwise, download it here (my version not the one on the Free Poetry site, as the pagination there seems to have scrambled upon uploading, though the print pamphlet looks great): SCATTERED WAYS Pamphlet.img_20200430_173528_013.jpg

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