Poetry in Transatlantic Translation: Summer Colloquium

Happy to announce this virtual poetry colloquium series that Zoë Skoulding and I have put together on “poetry in transatlantic translation” (broadly conceived), ahead of an IRL (!) conference in Bangor, North Wales, June 2022. All very welcome! The first event is on Monday May 17th with Pierre Joris, Habib Tengour and Abigail Lang. More coming up in June from Hugo García Manriquez, Gerónimo Sarmiento Cruz, Whitney DeVos & Zane Koss; Felipe Cussen, Martín Bakero, Martín Gubbins, Pía Sommer & Anamaría Briede; and Jèssica Pujol, Rebecca Kosick and Juan Francisco Rangel Yáñez.

Co-presented by Bangor and Sheffield Universities, http://contempo.bangor.ac.uk/ and Centre for Poetry and Poetics & Creative Writing – University of Sheffield . It’s all free – registration info here: http://transatlantic-translation.bangor.ac.uk/colloquium-summer-2021.php.en?fbclid=IwAR0dwZBIQ26RBvIQlHGztBFF9wNm8y-6JdzIgQFlze_yDB5LjRwyY73nr3M

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