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Street Scripture: Madrid, London, Barcelona, Sheffield, Granada

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Sketches Andaluz

18.03.12. Perfect sunset coming down over Andalucía, descending in time with the plane.  Large lakes with jagged, jig-sawed edges, and a fading pink which stretches beyond the coast. Talked with … Continue reading

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‘Present Imperfect’ for Banner

Further flogging an ageing donkey: an article mined from several of the blogposts below appeared in the very new and very excellent Banner. The piece concerns Guatemalan history and politics, … Continue reading

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Loma Linda and the Cuchumatanes

It is hard to find specific, anecdotal things to write about Loma Linda, because life there has a pleasingly repetitive character and the days too easily slip together. So instead … Continue reading

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The reason for spending so long in Xela – almost six weeks – was the excellent Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco, where I studied for five weeks. The school and its maestros … Continue reading

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Antigua, although beautiful, is full of gringos, and it is nearly impossible to even formulate phrases in Spanish in the privacy of one’s own mind there, let alone speak any. … Continue reading

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Guatemala again

Melchor, on the Guatemala – Belize border, for the second time. It’s the only place it’s possible to cross between the two countries by land, which means most people end … Continue reading

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