A while ago I wrote some parodies of/homages to (i.e. respectful imitation of points of style) some contemporary poets. Here are three.

Love Song to Bike (after Lee Harwood)

As your frame is green you move me.

Riding northward with you, “thinking of you”,

and your frame, under me                           O

O                Emmanuel. “biblical quotation.”


And they shall call his name Emmanuel,

which being interrupted is, God with us.


Your pale luminescent tubing

“moves me”, as with the strokes of my pedal

I move you.

Writing (after Tom Raworth)

writing is

writing is

a pain

of course

and painful

don’t like

doing it

don’t like

not doing it

don’t like


the problem

mainly being





each time

each time

a paragraph

is such a

long space


and anyway

i blame

the internet

each time it begins

even the end

of the beginning

is too far


hey, did you know

Catherine wheels

are called

are called

Catherine wheels

because the martyrdom

of St Catherine

they tried to break

her back on a breaking


which were

which were


torture devices

in continental Europe

during the middle ages

but it was the wheel broke

not her back

so they cut off

her head

which i thought


and so writing

from here



is fucked


Something concerning identity (after Denise Riley)

I have always thought, on the question of persons,
that myself yourself with conversation like a filmy skin
sliding between us, thought that thinking
of what I might be may hamper my being.

On the question of selves I have been consistent and furious.
Conversation births a third self bodied forth from words
dependent horribly powerful dependent on the participants
and unique, and not I, and not you, but not not. So what.

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