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Poetry & Translation discussion & readings, Fri 1st Feb, Sheffield

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Two June Readings

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Son Translations in Alba Londres 06: Contemporary Mexican Poetry

Three of my Son Translations, of Mexican folk songs in the Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco genres, are included in the most recent edition of Alba Londres 06: Contemporary Mexican … Continue reading

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Dark Night Blues / Noche Oscura

– a vandalisitic / homophonic / back-translated /anagram-ed traducción muy libre of San Juan de la Cruz’s ‘Noche Oscura’, from the book La noche oscura del alma (The Dark Night … Continue reading

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English poems in Spanish (an exercise)

While studying Spanish I had a go at making some literary translations of five poems from English into Spanish (i.e. the wrong way around for a native English speaker!), which … Continue reading

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