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Journal Articles

Eltringham, D (2018). ‘Shifting vantage, common musings: the politics of Wordsworthian excursus in the poetry of Peter Riley’, Textual Practice (online publication 08 May 2018), DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2018.1467961.

Edited Collections

Eltringham, D (2018). Route 57: Loco-Motion, Issue 14 (Sheffield: Girasol Press & Choriso Press, 2018).

Eltringham, D., Kemp, L., and Barrera Medrano, L. (eds., 2017). electric · wood · spectra: A Cross Multi Inter Trans & In the Open Conference Anthology (Sheffield: enjoy your homes press, 2017).


Eltringham, D (2017). ‘[Those were a series of non-replicable conditions]’, CUMULUS No. 1.

Eltringham, D. (2017). From Peak Time [unfinished], electric · wood · spectra: a Cross Multi Inter Trans & In the Open Conference Anthology (Sheffield: enjoy your homes press, 2017).

Eltringham, D (2017). ‘[Yank the palanca here we are]’, Zarf #8

Eltringham, D (2017). Cairn Almanac (Bristol: Hesterglock Press, 2017)

Eltringham, D (2017). ‘[Hard to know where to feel now]’, Plumwood Mountain, guest ed. by Harriet Tarlo, Vol. 4, No. 1 (2017)

Eltringham, D (2016). From Summer Scrapbook (pts. 2 & 3) and ‘Sheffield Shanty’, Colorado Review, 43.3 (Fall/Winter 2016), 115-120

Eltringham, D (2016). From Peak Time [unfinished], Epizootics!, Issue 1 (November 2016)

Eltringham, D (2016). ‘Instaphil to Instar (from fairest creatures)’, DATABLEED, 4.0 (2016)

January 2016 – Extract from Colin Clout in the Knowledge Quarter: a Shepherd’s Calendar, in E-Ratio, No. 22 (2016)

October 2015 – ‘Summer Scrapbook (pt. 1)’, in Intercapillary Space

September 2015 – ‘Land & Emotion’, for the Emotions in Dialogue project

Spring 2015 – Extract from Colin Clout in the Knowledge Quarter, in Blackbox Manifold, No. 14 (Spring 2015)

February 2015 – from Forced Fingers, (The Goose:a Journal of Arts, Environment, and Culture in Canada, Vol. 13: Iss. 2, Article 36)

January 2015 – ‘Three Mexican Folk Songs’ (translations) (Alba Londres 6: Contemporary Mexican Poetry)

November 2014 – Ithaca (Dow House Press)

October 2014 – from Forced Fingers (The Clearing)

September 2014 – Mystics — physical publication with an additional text, ‘Alba’ (Girasol Press)

August 2014 – ‘&c’ and ‘directive: starting from now get unused to your tongue’ (Scabs are Rats Zine 4)

April 2014 – Mystics (Intercapillary Space)

Exhibitions and Installations

Eltringham, D and Walker Barker, D (2017). ‘Searching for Jossie: Surface and Underground in the Layered Landscape of Langsett and Midhope’, In the Open, Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA), Sheffield Hallam University, 6-30 Sept 2017.

Eltringham, D (2013). ‘Enclosure’ installation, LEAF (Little Ecological Arts Festival), Sydenham Common, Forest Hill, London.

Reviews & Shorter Prose Writing

Eltringham, D (2017). Review of Modernist Legacies: Trends and Faultlines in British Poetry Today, ed. by David Nowell Smith and Abigail Lang (London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), Chicago Review, 60.03 (2017).

June 2016Late Modernism and The English Intelligencer: On the Poetics of Community by Alex Latter (Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry 8 (1) (2016), 2,500 words)

October 2015‘About Watching: Identification and the Animal’, in Glasgow Review of Books

December 2014 – ‘Under/ground: a partial commentary on Oli Hazzard’s Within Habit (The Literateur, 2,500 words)

August 2014The Orchid Boat by Lee Harwood (Shearsman Review, 1000 words)

Eltringham, D (2013). ‘“The idea of the bird”: Bird Books, the Problem of Taxonomy and Some Poems by R. F. Langley’, PN Review 210, 39: 4 (March-April 2013), 50-53.

Eltringham, D and Joelle, N (2013). ‘“I stand at the threshold of the gleaning field”: Harvest by Jim Crace’, Dandelion, Vol. 4, No. 2 (Winter 2013): Ecology.

January 2013 2012: Poetry Redux (The Literateur). A digest of some 2012’s most interesting poetry, which I commissioned and for which I wrote a brief piece on the Forward Book of Poetry 2013 (mainly on Denise Riley’s fine elegy ‘A Part Song’)

October 2012This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz (Fiction Uncovered, 800 words)

September 2012Zbinden’s Progress by Christoph Simon (The Literateur, 600 words)

September 2011 – ‘Present Imperfect’ (Banner). This piece was adapted from several blogposts and concerns Guatemalan history and politics, with a focus on the city of Xela and the language school Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco. PDF of the issue in print here; my article is pp. 27-29

August 2011Some Questions on the Cultural Revolution by Alistair Noon (The Literateur, 1000 words)

July 2011The Tunnel by Ernesto Sábato (Times Literary Supplement, 350 words). PDF of the review in print here: thetunnelreview

June 2011 The Levelling Sea by Phillip Marsden (Financial Times, Books, 170 words)

June 2011Into the Arena by Alex Fiske-Harrison (Financial Times, Books, 170 words)

May 2011Deep Country by Neil Ansell (The Literateur, 600 words)

April 2011 Playing Days by Benjamin Markovits (Fiction Uncovered, 500 words)

June 2010 – Open to the World – A report from the London Review Bookshop’s World Literature Weekend in Bloomsbury. I co-ordinated the feature in conjunction with the LRB shop, commissioned the writers and wrote-up two events plus the afterword  (The Literateur)

August 2010 Emergence by Fanny Howe (The Literateur)

March 2010 Reality Hunger by David Shields (The Literateur, 1000 words)

December 2009 Ashes of the Amazon by Milton Hatoum (The Literateur, 1000 words)

September 2009 Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri (The Literateur, 1000 words)


January 2012 Interview with Peter Riley (The Literateur)

December 2011 Interview with Juan Pablo Villalobos (The Literateur)

May – June 2011 – ‘Small Talk’ interviews with Geraldine Brooks, Ali Smith, Andrew Miller and Miriam Toews (Financial Times, Books)

February 2011 – Contributed questions to an interview with Sean Bonney (The Literateur)

January 2011 – Contributed questions to an interview with John Fuller (The Literateur)

May 2010 Interview with James Shapiro (The Literateur)

November 2009 Interview with Paul Muldoon, Part One; Part Two (The Literateur)

October 2009Keep an eye on…Michael McKimm interview feature (The Literateur)

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