PN Review Piece on R. F. Langley

Very emocionado to see an article I wrote quite a while back now on one of my favourite poets, the late & missed Roger Langley, finally end up in PN Review. It’s about birds, the strange British obsession with watching them, how they’re represented and arranged in field books, the history of ornithological art and what any of that might have to some of Langley’s very fine birdy poetry. Think there’s a paywall on the site, but I’m happy to send my Word doc version of the text if anyone doesn’t subscribe and for some reason shares this pretty niche confluence of interests and actually wants to read the thing.

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  1. Would really love to read your article re: birds, and the poet R. F. Langley, since I don’t subscribe to PN Review. If you get this and can still send a Word doc. of the article, I would be so grateful. send to

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