’29 Oct 18′ in Poetics for the More-Than-Human World anthology

I have a doomy disaster poem – Bolsonaro, Lorca, extinction, palm oil, tar sands, too much erosion, St Augustine (huh?) – in the Poetics for the More-Than-Human World anthology, up at Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, edited by Mary Newell, Bernard Quetchenbach, and Sarah Nolan, and dedicated to Michael McClure (1932 ā€“ 2020) and Jack Collom (1931 -2017). Here I am on 20 August discussing & reading my contribution  into  the  screenvoid:

Pre-orders for the forthcoming print edition can be made here. The full list of contributors is immense, in both senses:

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 11.23.50.png


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