Poetics in Commons: Symposium & Performances

Poetics in Commons: Symposium & Readings (University of Sheffield 22-23 May 2019, Centre for Poetry & Poetics and Hallam Guild). Organised by Sarah Bernstein & Dan Eltringham. The conference explores the potential of literature and art to create and reinvent shared spaces, ways of living and forms of social and ecological cooperation through critical and practice-led responses that reflect the connections between writing, making and ‘commoning’ (the practice of doing and being in common) in order to address a set of increasingly urgent questions. How can creative expression help us to resist the privatisation of knowledge, language, public space and ‘natural’ resources? How might writing or art that engages with the commons offer a bridge between the utopian and the material, and allow us to re-imagine politics, everyday life, and ecological relations to the extra-human? In other words, can we conceive of a poetics of commoning? Registration is open, here.



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