Route 57 Issue 15 (2019). Environs: Modern Natures

Welcome to the fifteenth anniversary edition of Route 57, the University of Sheffield’s creative writing journal. This issue contains innovative poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction from Sheffield’s finest writers. Issue 15 of Route 57 takes inspiration from the exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield, ‘Modern Nature’, to explore the relationships between urban environments and the natural… Continue reading Route 57 Issue 15 (2019). Environs: Modern Natures

‘Peak Time’ in Epizootics! Issue 1

A recent poem, ‘Peak Time’, was included in Epizootics! Issue 1, an excellent new ‘Online Journal for the Contemporary Animal’ concerned with ‘the anthropocene, the post-human, the ecocritical, the phenomenological, the spatial, the philosophical, the contemporary and the migratory.’ Read the full issue here: epizootics-issue-1 Also a good opportunity to listen to Scott Walker’s ‘Epizootics’: