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‘hotair’, North x North West Poetry Tour Sheffield, Bank St Arts

Leire Barrera-Medrano & I talking a load of hotair at each other, at the fab North x North West Poetry Tour Sheffield edition at Bank St Arts two Fridays ago, … Continue reading

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An accidental mini-essay: Son Translations in Alba Londres 06: Contemporary Mexican Poetry

Three of my translations of Mexican folk songs in the Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco genres are included in the most recent edition of Alba Londres 06: Contemporary Mexican Poetry. … Continue reading

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Dark Night Blues / Noche Oscura

– a vandalisitic / homophonic / back-translated /anagram-ed traducción muy libre of San Juan de la Cruz’s ‘Noche Oscura’, from the book La noche oscura del alma (The Dark Night … Continue reading

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Las Olas del Mar traducción / The Waves of the Sea translation

This is a translation of a Son Jarocho tune by the contemporary Mexican Son band Son de Madera. Son Jarocho is a traditional style from the state of Veracruz. It’s … Continue reading

October 25, 2012 · 3 Comments

English poems in Spanish (an exercise)

While studying Spanish I had a go at making some literary translations of five poems from English into Spanish (i.e. the wrong way around for a native English speaker!), which … Continue reading

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